Will my insurance company pay for an adult physical exam?

Medicare and most insurance companies will not cover a physical exam. However, there are a few plans on the market that provide this type of coverage. You should refer to your insurance manual or call the number on the back of your insurance card to verify what they consider covered in a physical or “preventative care” visit. Medicare offers a “Welcome to Medicare” comprehensive exam that should be used with in the first 12 months of becoming Medicare eligible.

Do I need a referral?

You may refer to you insurance manual or call our referral specialist at (865) 675-1953 ext. 229. Please always investigate first in order to limit unnecessary out of pocket expenses. One standard rule for a referral is that your Primary Care Provider should see you first about your specific problem before sending you to a specialist.

Is there a female Provider on staff to do PAP Smears?

Yes. Ashley Bruce, Kaitlin Greene, PA & Sandra Charnley, NP are caring and gentle family nurse practitioners that performs yearly well woman exams. They have been hand picked by our doctors to assist them in your care.

How does your phone system work?

You may reach our operator by pressing zero at any time, listen to the prompts and select a department, or you may dial the extension you desire as soon as you hear the recording. The system is set up to direct calls fast and without human error.

How do I get my lab/X-Ray results?  LINK TO PATIENT PORTAL



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